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BioMUD Beta 2-3

Download Beta 2 v3 (3-2-2016), Now.


Download Beta 2 v3 32bit Version!(3-2-2016), Now.

Please be sure to check the changelog and news page for more information. Beta2-3 now has unlocked and added Font capabilities. Beta testers: Please stress test this. Break it, if possible.

A quick note on the 'ping' that is shown on this client. This is not a 'ping' as you're used to on most online games; it does not show the time from your machine to the game server. Instead, it shows a more real world ping: The time it takes for the server to respond to your last command. So, if it shows 120ms, that means the server took 120ms to respond, and send, the last text it sent you from your command. I hope this clears up any confusion as to why the ping showed higher than expected. This is completely intentional.

Thank you to everyone who has chosen to participate in this beta relate of BioMUD. I understand your time is your time and that testing a program probably isn't something you want to be doing – nonetheless – I thank you for taking the time to do this.

BioMUD was created for three things: Speed, ease of use and low footprint (portability) and with these three things, I hope it works well. It is designed to work as a single file, with super small file size (uses raw Api calls and pure ANSI C programming) and uses very little memory. It should run well on any 64bit Windows computer. The only caveat right now, is it WILL create a directory at “c:\nanobit” when it runs the first time. This is where it will save any logs, configs, etc.

While I have made every effort to make sure things work well, things will likely break in Beta, as in the nature of a beta test. Beta 1 does NOT have the scripting engine enabled, or any entry points enabled for you to use, as this test is all about functionality and stability, as far as the core engine is concerned. I am looking for crashes, bad text/ansi/vt100/vt102 parsing and typos. If you see any of this, please see the bug tracker at

and log your report there. You will need to create an account (don't worry, I'm trustworthy) to lodge reports, but with that, I will be able to communicate with you directly and also keep vast logs of changes and problems. I thank you for all that you have done. And please be as vivid in detail as possible when it comes to replicating and explaining an issue. Screen shots and logs work well.

At this very moment, very little of the GUI code is active for you to pursue, as stated above. But what GUI is active, I would like tested as well.

As it stands, the client is pre-set to connect to DSL (Dark and Shattered lands (http://www.dsl-mud.org)) on port 4000, but this IS changeable with some simple command line options.

Again, thank you all.

P.S. BioMUD is FREE and OPEN SOURCE. Meaning you will never have to pay for BioMUD, nor any of its plugins. Its source code is FREELY available to anyone who wants it, after beta testing (to keep bad code out before I want it out) - It is with your support and usage, that I am able to develop BioMUD and for that, I thank each and every one of you.