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Please consider joining the mailing list as well! Here you will be able to bounce ideas and other things off me and all other beta testers. Also a venue for me to INFORM everyone of new beta releases. Don't worry, I won't sell your email address or send you spam. All BETA testers will get a mention in the credits of the program, and a link of their choice added as well. You always have the option of unsubscribing as well. Thank you all!

Mailing list: Subscribe now!

Update: 2/22/2016 - Beta2 - Thank you all who have beta tested for me. Today, we are doing the second beta. This beta round will start to release, over time, the other features to be beta tested. Beta 2-1 starts out with all the fixed from beta1, plus a few other little things. When filing bug reports, please select beta2 if you're using beta2. Also, for those testing, PLEASE, sign up at the bug site listed below. It is not only for bugs, but you can also suggest features and other ideas.